Joylandi 30-Mar, 2021





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  • We didn’t edit the video , lol so our editor put BRONXS lmao

    • Hollering 😂😂

    • I was there for my birthday March 20🥰would have been cool if I seen y’all there if I stayed longer 🥺

    • I was like bronxs?! NOW QUEEN 😭😂😂 I KNOW CLARE BEAR DID NOT APPROVE OF THIS lmao but nvm

    • gsiz and

    • LMAOOO I HAD TO REWIND🤣🤣 Like was that an “S” 🥴

  • Fart at 11:51

  • Y’all in the bathtub sounding all sensual then queen starts talking about the rubber duckies lol

  • Yurrr

  • Love love

  • Where’s this hotel ? I wanna take my honey back to his hometown

  • Chris miss you , please go back where it was genuine and you were more happy with Chris. Stop pretending for the camera low key you're not happy at all. I'm a libra and I know what I'm talking about . Sagittarius & libras are not a match , you and Chris was both libras and yall vibe MATCH💯 The only thing dude can offer you is sex nothing else. True Chris cheated but what man haven't, and I hope you don't think dude is faithful. But Chris learned from his mistakes. Make baby cj happy before any man. Baby cj wants you with his dad

    • She should go back to a man that was physically abusing her and cheating ? You are sick! You go be with Chris, queen don’t wanna be with him, get over it it, it almost 4 years now.

  • I really feel sorry for her

  • Omg... what's the name of the pizza place they went to? I NEED to try their pizza.. looks sooooo good!

  • All those pizza flavors. Yum!! I need to go find this place. Anyone catch the name of this place?

  • Anyone know the hotel they was in? It was nice asf . I wanna stay there when I go to NY

  • ❤️❤️

  • Dope intro! I love the font y’all been using for the captions

  • Give Queen that hood chicken, Texas or Kennedy 😂 🤤 BX all day 🔥🔥🔥

  • Healthy hair Queeny I love it, so beautiful ❤️Hey Clare !!

  • Anybody know the name of the hotel they was at ?

  • “You tryna get meeee lit” it was that for me cause we women love when y’all lit .. especially a good man whew honey ! Queen y’all keep doing y’all thing 🥰

  • uzfire.info/camera/video/imjEepyjpbCfa5k

  • Better move Grammy out the hood

  • 18:02 I do the same lol 🥺

  • Nahhh that room🔥which hotel is that?👀

  • Queen Naija. 💎

  • ClarenceNYC get ur grandma out the hood

  • Wat hotel was that ?

  • 🌟🙏🏾💜💜

  • Y’all was making me hungry I pause da and went down stairs and made breakfast food at 4:06 pm lol

  • i dead know where that’s at

  • Y’all are all blinded they aren’t the same anymore queen isn’t happy she was throwing shots in the video . They don’t even act or do the same things anymore , Clarence barely gets in the videos with queen . SMH

  • The last one 😂

  • What hotel was this ?

  • At this point I'm waiting on the wedding. Like baby or wedding 😂

  • I'm glad y'all are still happy &' livin'

  • Slick miss vacay blogs.

  • We need a video of the life of teenage Clare bEar in New York and one from where Queen grew up at. A little vlogy for us and y'all kids. To see where y'all grew up and what y'all would do for fun would be nice to see. This was refreshing

  • Anyone knows the hotel they’re in?

  • Why Clarence sound southern in the beginning?

  • I have a question who do he not be in ur music videos but love y’all 🤞🏽😍😍

  • Literally the most cutest couple I love y’all sm and ughhh I need to book a flight to New York

  • What hotel is the last one y’all went too ?

  • Queen at 18:06 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I remember when Chris and naija was together and she looked way happier than she is in dis relationship and more for her self

  • Clare ain't shit without 👑

  • That fool Clarence is always on his phone lol🤣🤦

  • What does “OD” mean or stand for ...😐

  • Queen is such a good woman I love that for her❤️

  • Tryna find out what hotel that is 😂😂😂😂😂 but awww ❤️❤️

  • What’s the name of this hotel ?

  • It'ss the Jamaican accent for me

  • That pizza shop is lit😍😍

  • One of them is my brother

  • It was the pizza for me 😭😭 all them damn flavors

  • Celebrate each other. Nothing else❤

  • All I heard was “it’s a nice hotel but not good enough for us now” 😂😂😂😂

  • Yes i want the red hotel video it would be nice but do you guys have like a place where you met ?

  • I've been saying "Aww" this whole video😊😊🥰

  • New York come hard know dat!!!!!

  • Okay because what hotel i wanna go there with my man

  • “You tryna get lit ? You tryna get me lit that’s what it is 😂” queen big smile 😂

  • I'm petty , they spelled bronx wrong and it's upsetting me and my homegirls moe. 🤣🤣🤣

  • I love the NEW YORK ACCENTS MAN 😍😩

  • Someday I and someone's son will make it❤ To everyone out there There is still hope🙏

  • Clarence and Queen's love story and family time is awesome. Keep loving one another.

  • What hotel is that?

  • Sis woke up like 🌞🥰

  • “Monet” - Money over everything 💀

  • uzfire.info/camera/video/YmikjKChu7qdmIc

  • When clarence told queen to try the pizza the face she made that was so cute🥰

  • Awww

  • Bro stop referring to ur man as ur son show him some respect bro that is the most annoyin thing we all know dam well you can dress to save ur life that’s all C

  • I’m in love with everything y’all do so I want to say that y’all music be bussin and y’all funny together


  • What’s the name of the pizza shop??!! 😍😍

  • I just want to know where that pizza place is and what is the name 😩

  • does Clarence NEVER wear a mask?

  • 7:04 i live over there omg 🥺!!!

  • I live in bronx ny, And I always wanted to Come to Alanta

  • 9:50 y'all know where this hotel is?

  • They’re the perfect mesh omg, she’s so goofy and being out the family side of him. They’re in love period.

  • I love watching ya live life!!

  • That pizza place looks 🔥

  • A little bit of patron

  • Mark king tv here

  • Love u guys💖💖

  • Where is hotel 2 at ?

  • Nigga really inna oval

  • What hotel is thissssa 😂

  • where the second hotel location @clarencenyc

  • I wish Queen would post more on her channel. She’s so funny to watch 😂

  • What is that last hotel called !? 😍😍

  • I’m dying ..... “I’m not suppose to be eating this but I’m going to figure out the healthiest thing there”... (as she scrolls all fried chicken) lol

  • “ money over everything “😂😂

  • he said “ you tryna get me lit “ 🤣

  • I need to go new york !!!

  • love this.

  • I want this relationship for my daughter 🙏🏽👑

  • Them kids was turn up

  • I want to see it

  • Soundview Pistol Pete Hood.

  • i gotta feeling y’all gone move back there soon

  • okay but what hotel is that ?