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  • This is our home until our next and PERMANENT home is BUILT ❤️ Stay tuned for this journey

    • Nice house


    • Queen then you should’ve stayed where you were at until permanent house is ready, you basically wasting money with a house you necessarily don’t need.

    • @Ashley Kent facts and I feel like he need to put a ring on it with his money and not hers because what does he do? You tube? Be serious not mean or funny

    • @Aliey Savage and prenuptial agreement

  • Jack and Jill room definitely should be the boys

  • I think they should have the jack and jill rooms

  • Queen has came a LONGGG WAY if yaw been here since the beginning then ya’ll know ! So prouddd keep grinding & inspiring your supporters 🥰🥰

  • Not y'all complaining about Clarence in the comments, while he's just being real. Yall always want people to act so perfect. Like say the perfect things etc, their literally just acting like a normal couple and its good that they can both voice their own opinions. Its like y'all want him, to agree with everything she says🤦🏽‍♀️

  • jack and jill for kids, media room downstairs. make the seating/movie room the back room (less light), with bug, fluffy seating. pool table, ping pong, etc in the big room next to it with the LED lighting

  • Give the jack and jill rooms to the KIDS!!!!

  • Y’all have to do better in these comments. Y’all been saying “they won’t last” for three years or so. Y’all make an assumption about someone based off of a 30 minute video when they are together in REAL LIFE. Y’all have been saying the same things about Clarence since him and Queen got together 🥴 Go cry me a river or something. She clearly looks happy. Just because he had said a different room should be the kids room (because it had a tub) and his sneakers should be in a certain room rather than a toy room that makes him a miserable person and a horrible s/o and father? Y’all be WILDIN in these comments

  • Queen can’t be acting like a dumb blonde like she use to, because Clarence doesn’t like that at all. He’s a Sagittarius, they love intelligence... so all that “what’s this called?” when they showed the kitchen wasn’t cute. She quickly corrected it and said, “an Island”. Good job 👍🏽

  • Did y’all ever think the reason why he said no to the jack and jill room because it has a whole shower legend just turned 2 she needs a tub keeping up with two kids going back and forth to make sure both alright is a lot CJ just turned 6 so it’s not like they are going to be sharing rooms forever and this just where they are staying until their house is built it’s not permanent so y’all really tripping it’s not that deep.

  • I remembered why I stopped watching. It's too fake for me and Clarence needs a reality check cuz he would still be in his mama basement if he never got with queen. I understand they got kids but she gotta get her someone that's on her level all the time. Right now it's look like they are on 2 different chapters.

  • I feel like the basement is were clarence is going to stay when y'all get in a fight

  • omg all y’all need to stfu in these comments it’s annoying ! Y’all always got something to say . I wouldn’t be surprised if they just turned off all they damn comment sections atp .

  • I think they argued before the video or something bc the vibe definitely off

  • Clarence bought a nice home 😂😂

  • Am I the only one who feels like Clarence is annoyed with Queen? Like he doesn’t look at her like the queen she is. I’m annoyed with him🙄🙄

  • I'm saying... Clarence is really giving me bad vibes lately. From the statement he made in their vacay video "I'll take you on another vacation" knowing damn well queen paid for it. To the videos about her family feeling like he had the right to come for her family but then queen shuts them down when they come for him. Makes her look really unload. The way he not humble in this video... The way he is always saying you have something in your teeth you have something in your face your breath smells this don't look right and trying to fix her in a "help her" way gives off narc vibes for real... been a supporter since when he first came in but lately I think his true colors are showing and I'm scared to admit I think ppl were right. He using her and now I'm afraid queen in a deeper hole then she is was with Chris. Stop letting these men treat you however. At least from what these short videos show..i swear I'm not judging I just think you deserve SO MUCH more. He hurting your reputation Queen.

  • Whet the hell was up on the day this was shot🌚🥴..... cringe

  • I read the comments before the video and I was highly confused then when I watched the video I’ve come to the solution y’all bugging. My first point is with the jack and Jill room is that those are two separate rooms with showers and a lot of privacy and honestly cj and legend aren’t that big to be doing all that . Y’all getting on Clarence like so what it is their house , y’all forget it’s a HOUSE. Meaning they can change things and move stuff around in the future but for right now why not . Since cj is older if he starts to hit his teens and want his own room , I think Clarence would consider letting him have the room or something . Y’all forget they said they have extra rooms . Y’all talking about Clarence not family man fr and he is a kid , nah he just like stuff looking nice and not a hot ass mess. Just because you have a family doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about how your house looks and everything revolves around your kids. Queen has been a parent longer than Clarence so maybe he not in full dad mode and he is still young . Y’all gotta stop plus he even said “sometimes I be buggin, idk let me know” like that is accountability and not narcissistic at all. Y’all be waiting to calll him a bum for no reason.

  • Y’all real pressed about rooms in a house y’all don’t own n will never visit 😂 y’all comments funny tho

  • It's sad you only heard then say CJ like 3 times but they say Legend name at least 10 times . They always push CJ to the side all because Clearance doesn't like Chris


  • you tellin me y'all got all them rooms n still making cj and legend share a room ?

  • The closet though! 😍😍

  • Clarence was so negative. 😭shut up bro. 🙄✋🏾

  • Clarence buggin jack & jill def for kids, they’re not going to stay small forever and they need their space. When legends big enough he’s not gonna wanna take no bath LOL

  • I had Minnie Mouse get it right boo

  • Lil boo boo streaks lol

  • I would get the backyard fenced in and do Luxury mixed with family ..‼️✨ Everything Queen 👑. Clarence isn’t giving me family man. 😩

  • Clare u bugging let jack and Jill be kids room

  • Clarence you’re BUGGIN’! You want the jack and Jill for you, the open space room for your shoes and the basement smh the jack n Jill is def for the kids bro and the basement should be a Queen studio... think about the kids and Queen before your shoes and vid games


  • When Clarence talks its “ I I I “ when queen talks it’s “ we we we we”

  • Jack and Jill should be their room. They could share the bedroom and have other side as playroom. They’ll still have two closets. The kids should still have bigger space then that one room. Down stairs Clarence’s man cave, studio, gaming, shoe collection spot , and etc . That’s a whole other house down there

  • Lmao the fact that people are in these comments telling y’all what to do with YALL house like y’all give af 🥴🥴🥴🥴💀

  • the older the kids get , they need their own rooms ! i feel like they gonna grow up and need their own room for now maybe but they will sooner or later need to adjust to sleeping alone. plus the room connects so they can have sleep overs

  • Definitely do the connecting bathroom for your boys!!!😕

  • The way y’all are making Clarence seem out to be is the most! I don’t think he meant anything the way y’all are putting it! And also I think he is a family man he loves the kids! He might think like a man which shouldn’t suprise anyone but that doesn’t make him not a family man! But Queen love that jack and Jill room is meant for the kids lol😂 but it’s y’all house actually yalls home !

  • I'm usually here for these two but Clarence is really smelling himself. He's still thinking like a single man. The jack n jill room is for the boys. I'm in disbelief he really said game room and recording room smh. The vibe when she mentioned baby number 3 was definitely off.

  • Cigarettes an Dog 🤣

  • You put Christmas stockings on the shelf under the tv in the main living room 😂

  • Make the downstairs room into a studio and the upstairs into the media room

  • It’s an actual HOME! The boys are gonna love having a little yard to play in

  • First of all I just wanna ask queen what the hell “hujungice” is lol humongous

  • I hope the babies get that Jack & Jill room. Because that would honestly be great for them! Let them boys have they own room, helps with the growing process. All the rooms in that house, you can put that “ Game Room “ somewhere else! That basement is the place you do your game room honestly. And let QUEEN choose where HER STUDIO is going. This was supposed to be so nice to watch but he made it soo cringe with his odd demeanor, kept cutting her off. Downing her visions of her home.

  • I didn’t like the vibe from Clarence. But I love the house!! So beautiful for y’all 💕💕 hopefully cj & legend have their own rooms. Having to decorate their bathrooms is fun !! I would’ve got excited as well ! - & not that our opinions matter but yeahhhhh 😍😍😍

  • Wait im confused are you the royal family or are your fans the royal family 🤔

  • Congratulations 😍🥰

  • I feel like Clarence was getting annoyed with queen she was tryna make him laugh & he was like -.-

  • I haven’t watched them for a while but has Clarence proposed to Queen yet ?

  • Aweeeeee they still do we are back with another for yo mother introoooo 😭😭😭😭 I haven’t been watching them for a while

  • you too broke for a pool ?

  • I love how queen turns the water on at every faucet I be doing the same thing 😂

  • I have been watching queens channel from when she first started out with her ex husband and now clarence. I have not watched royal family for some time now I come back and nothing has changed I feel like Clarence either doesn't like to be affectionate on camera or there is something we don't know cause every time queen is trying to get his attention he shuts her down and she still tries. Clarence at least initiate something towards her.

    • @Nia SYMPHONY it does since you commented publicly

    • @Amadou diallo you need to hush my comment don't concern you I have been here from day one...

    • Shush

  • Should do a furnished house tour!!

  • Clarence has always given me bad vibes

  • All that comes out of his mouth is me me me literally doesn’t put his kids first If you dislike the sight of toys so much then why even have kids it’s so normal to have toys laying around like what do you expect ..... literally makes no sense

  • I think they should have a studio in the house I would give my sons Their own rooms that depends on if they’re ready the house is dope but it’s very big congratulations can’t wait to see the moving tour

  • Congrats you guys!!! Ya'll deserve this and so much more!!! Yes, I think the backyard is big enough for a trampoline and a swing//slide set. Def see the vision!!!

  • lmao is this a joke😂

  • Damn.. and i thought my ex was wack.. why is clarebare acting like that.. and im not judging but damn clarebare

  • Clarence your attitude is stank, for real for real! 🙅🏽‍♀️ chickity-check yoself, before you wreck yoself!

  • That room would be a *coat room* or *closet* lol idk

  • I sense a little sadness behind her smile. I am catching it when he speaks and he looks away from her. Queens expressions is sad..... Its almost like he is trying to steal her shine. Baby girl you are the child of the most high and you need to take control of your life and never settle. Validation is not needed because God already established that.

  • Please let those babies have that jack and Jill Bedroom .... They need to have that ..

  • y’all woke and and chose violence today in the comments for no reason.... y’all be making judgements off one video for no reason. clarence loves and supports queen a lot and vise versa. y’all be so quick to slander on here , and put y’all’s opinions on other people when it got nothing to do w you. They both probably have different ideas and suggestions and that’s something they can figure out as a COUPLE, without y’all in their decision making. anywho, congratulations on the house queen and clarence! so excited and happy for you guys. as for the rooms , i def think both of y’all’s ideas are reasonable given the fact that the kids are still young and probably want to be with each other anyways plus it’s not like y’all can’t change it once they get older. beautiful house btw !

  • The Jack and Jill room would be better as the media room instead of the basement because there’s more natural light up there for filming. Congrats on a beautiful home!

  • I usually hand wash all the dishes and then put them in the dishwasher for extra cleanliness

  • I love you queens 👸❤️❤️❤️

  • I love queens personality so much. She’s weird, funny, cute 😂. Clarence just be looking at her like “wtf 🧐🤨😂”

  • Beautiful home

  • I feel like you guys should put LED white lights on the shelves for your bags hats or shoes or what ever you wanna put up their just an idea

  • clarence so dry compared to queen 😭

  • Congratulations on your new home. Here’s a suggestion, get an interior designer to come and design your home, because you and Clarence will need the help designing your home to your liking.

  • I would do everything that’s entertainment wise in the basement (studio, movie room, media room, etc.) jack and Jill for the kids.

  • 🙏🏾✝️

  • Those neighbors are really close and that fence is really short. All those dogs barking too. 😬 first thing I'd build a tall TALL ass fence all around the property. They say I can't get a permit to do that ✌

  • I wanted them to go in the attic soo bad!😫💔

  • He said this Room is for the quick guests. 😄💀

  • Pleaseeeee make that connected room for the kids it’ll be perfect for them

  • The way queen run 😂😂😂

  • Lawd if he could take off the damn mask so we can see you talking to us geez

  • The camera man was horrible😖😫😫

  • 11:40 u ain’t had to do my boy CJ like that with the booboo striks💀😭

  • We black who really knows why it’s called a mud room 5:35💀😭

  • Congrats your home is beautiful home. I vote media room in the basement. I think the kids should have the Jack and jill rooms. Or build a studio set up in the basement Queen can record a lot of material in the comfort of her own home. There so many rooms you all have endless possibilities. Anyway enjoy!

  • Clarence has serious issues, idk why she making moves with a boyfriend and not her husband. I give them a few years before he leave her ass 🤷🏻‍♀️. Oh and she need a interior designer to help her because they have crappy taste

  • let’s not forget, y’all opinions are irrelevant 😙

  • I think the kids should definitely take the rooms that have the shared bathroom. This way they could each have their own room and then share the bathroom. Why would you make them share a room with all the space?

  • You really should use that jack & jill room for your boys. the other extra room could be a play room for them and there'll be enough space for little desks and an area where they can do their home work. They'll start school before you know it.

  • It’s called a mudroom because you take your muddy/dirty shoes off in that specific area to avoid tracking mud around your home 😊

  • Clarence energy was draining throughout this whole video..he complained about everything😕.... queen I am proud of you,your home is beautiful ❤️ you came along way.. awhile clarence came out up out his mothers basement.... you're on a major platform where you can do better than his selfish ass fr....congrats on beautiful home ❤️💯

  • I couldn’t finish the whole video, Clarence was irking my soul fr he treats her like If is a competition like dude thinks his better then anybody . Ugh queen leave him

  • lol y’all really love having lots of stairs

  • I didn’t want to say nothing because I know queen is tired of our asses. I fucking love you queen. But that damn Clarence. I be reading you sometimes and I see that you just want your family happy and together. I feel you do see Clarence ways but you ignore them for peace. I’m just gone say this. I know you see everything we see but your not over it. One day and I hope you remember this .... one of these UZfire videos are going to be a horrible confession. Guess what queen, you will not Lose not one fan because your heart is gold and we fucking love you!!!

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